Tales of Teleki Square, a Hungarian-French participatory documentary film about
the last shtiebel in Hungary that flew under the radar of both Nazis and Communists.
The Teleki Synagogue has been recently revitalized by young Budapest hipsters through
communal, art and research projects. This film captures a truly unique and inspiring
story about the past and present of Budapest Jews.

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Previous Screenings:

14 October 2018 5:00 pm Bem mozi, Budapest

30 Sept. 2018 3:30 pm Palota Mozi Popup

18 Sept. 2018 6:00 pm Ars Sacra Festival (Tabán ArtMozi)

23 April 2018 6:00 pm Eötvös10 documentary club





Screenings of earlier versions:

25 Feb. 2018 7:00 pm Bem mozi, Budapest

9 Feb. 2018 P’Art mozi, Szentendre

17 December 2017 Bem mozi, Budapest

16 October 2017 Hungarian Film Festival Berlin

11 Sept. 2017 The Memorial Museum of Hungarian Speaking Jewry, Cfat, Israel

13  Sept. 2017 Beit Haedut Institition, Ashodod – Moshav Nir Galim, Israel

14  Sept. 2017 Mifletzet, Kiryat Yovel (Jerusalem), Israel

17 Sept. 2017 Beit Yad Lebanim, Tel Aviv, Israel

Screenings were made possible with the support of MAZSOK – Jewish Heritage of Hungary Public Endowment.


29  June 2017 Krakow Jewish Culture Festival

May 2017 Near Nasareth Festival, Israel

27 and 29 April 2017 Mediawave Festival 

25 February 2017 Bem mozi

15th Hungarian Film Festival of Los Angeles

17th Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival

14 June 2015 Jurányi Produkciós Közösségi Inkubátorház  (Limmud day 2015)

 23 November 2015 Művész mozi (Chaplin and Bódy terem) (Budapest Jewish Filmfestival)

10 and 13 December 2014 Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue1457 Griswold, Detroit, MI 48226

16 December 2014 Consulate General of Hungary, 223 E 52nd St, New York, NY 10022

 17 December 2014 JCC Manhattan, 334 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10023