Detroit and the implanted Hanukkia


with the hanukkia!

with the hanukkia!

The morning following the first screening Gábor had a misunderstanding with a irritable bath tub led to the bathtub hitting Gábor on the left shoulder leaving him with a left collar bone broken into 3 pieces. Later in the hospital doctors came to congratulate for the following reasons:

1) No-one before managed to break the collar bone int three and especially not by moving the middle peace to be diagonal with the other two, shaping a Z form.

2) Usually people spill their brains out, no-one before broke their collar bone in a bathtub here

3) No other parts of the shoulder are in any way injured, it is a beautiful clean break

After a day of agony MDs installed an upside down HANUKKIA in Gabor’s shoulder to keep the broken parts together.

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