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Cinema Bem, 25/02/2017

On Thursday, 25 February 2017 we had the screening of the film with great success, it was totally sold out and had to bring in a lot of extra chairs for those who couldn’t buy tickets online but still showed up. We worked out behinds off to have the new version. After the film we had a little reception where we asked about the movie and it seems we managed to fix the problems we had with the film that stopped us to show it. Now we’re ready for filmfestivals, screenings.

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Editorial Retreat

After the very successful screenings in the USA in December 2014, the suggestions by friends, members of the audience and professionals, the film makers take a retreat to plan and exercise the fishing touches needed for the film, to make it more accessible. Planned premiere of the finished product in the spring of 2015.

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New York, screening two

Our screening was organized together with Art Kibbutz at the JCC Manhattan.

Little Hanukkah celebration, donuts and chat before and after.

During the Q&A session our interviewee, the 84 years old Teddy (Tibor) Kupferstein shared us his amazing story he never told anyone before how a handful of the people of Teleki shul managed to light a candle on the first night of Hanukkah on a death march on the way to a concentration camp in Austria.

Nice people, nice chat, even nicer feedbacks. And donuts.

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New York, screening one

The first screening was practically a full house in the Consulate General of Hungary

Audience with a lots of Hungarians, and people with more knowledge about Hungary.

Therefore the questions were also a bit different, but not substantially. What is our involvement, how we got there, what is the aim with all this…

Pictures from Tamás Barát:

Report in Hungarian from BreuerPress:

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Detroit, screening two

The second screening happened in the Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue just after Shabbos.
An even bigger crowd appeared. They also liked the film, laughed when it was funny sobbed when it was touchy.

We did not get the questions we were prepared for:
-why do you live there?
-what is it like to be a Jew there
-how did your family survive?

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Detroit and the implanted Hanukkia


with the hanukkia!

with the hanukkia!

The morning following the first screening Gábor had a misunderstanding with a irritable bath tub led to the bathtub hitting Gábor on the left shoulder leaving him with a left collar bone broken into 3 pieces. Later in the hospital doctors came to congratulate for the following reasons:

1) No-one before managed to break the collar bone int three and especially not by moving the middle peace to be diagonal with the other two, shaping a Z form.

2) Usually people spill their brains out, no-one before broke their collar bone in a bathtub here

3) No other parts of the shoulder are in any way injured, it is a beautiful clean break

After a day of agony MDs installed an upside down HANUKKIA in Gabor’s shoulder to keep the broken parts together.

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Detroit, first screening

The preparation, installation of the exhibition went well with a lots of help from Anna Kohn @ IADS

The screening was of a success, the first time in the States, first for an american audience.

Our concerns about the perception were mostly due to the cultural differences and the fact, that the director‘s intention was to involve the watcher without bombing them with information, so many things might be hard to understand especially knowing the history and some background.

We were proved to be wrong, the audience did get the story, the references and all.

Report on the Isaac Agree Downtown Syangogue facebook page

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